Frontline Tactical Apparel was conceived during the COVID 19 Lockdown in 2020 when the team got together with an idea to bring top quality clothing and merchandise for frontline responders and military lifestyle enthusiasts. 

The team are made up of serving specialist responders, police firearms instructors, commanders, and former Royal Marine Commandos. We work closely with partners of ours including serving forces, Police CTSFO's and ARV officers, Fire Service and Paramedics to ensure that all our products are authentic and tested properly. 


Our ethos is 'Passion over profit'. We all have busy day jobs and FTA was born out of a personal interest, not to make money. Yes we clearly need to make a profit to survive and pay overheads, but as you will see from our prices, we aim to be extremely competitive without compromising on quality. 

Frontline Tactical Apparel - It's not the critic that counts...